‘It’s a Mold Problem, Trust Me…’ Really?!?!

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By: Jason Harris

This article is an in depth exploration of the concepts “Test Only” and “Conflict of Interest” in the mold services industry.

Test Only

Property Managers need to perform a certain amount of due diligence when investigating the frequent occurrence of tenants who complain about mold.  Sometimes there is a problem, other times there is not. A test only company will perform an inspection of the unit, collect moisture readings, and collect samples to confirm or rule out a mold problem. A certified mold inspector will usually tell you if there is no problem.  A full service mold removal (Test and Remove) company will usually tell you there definitely is a problem.

Getting Up to Speed with California’s PACE Program

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By: Rachel Parker

The solar industry has seen an influx of changes in recent years. Being such a new industry—and a technology very recently seen wider adoption by consumers—its dynamics will continue to fluctuate as more and more property owners embrace and invest in the value of owning their own electricity. At the end of the day, while most news outlets, analysts, advocacy groups and even solar companies tout the benefits of solar from the renewable energy perspective, the real hidden benefit of solar is its cost savings. This is especially true in regions, like the West, where see some of the highest utility rates in the country.

Rent Sense: Be Safe

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By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco

We want to feel safe where we live. Therefore we naturally inquire when we visit a potential rental home, condo or apartment, “How safe is it here?” What seems unnatural is when the answer to this inquiry is less than straightforward and even seems evasive. It can sound like there’s some awful secret that no one wants to reveal.

Industry News: Apartment Market Hot Steak Continues

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Despite Lack of Capital, Survey Finds 18 months of Uninterrupted Growth

For the sixth quarter in a row, the apartment industry improved across all indexes in the National Multi Housing Council’s (NMHC) Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions. The survey’s indexes measuring Market Tightness (76), Sales Volume (54), Equity Financing (58) and Debt Financing (77) all measured at 50 or higher, indicating growth from the previous quarter.

“The apartment sector’s strength continues unabated,” said NMHC Chief Economist Mark Obrinsky. “Even as new construction ramps up, higher demand for apartment residences still outstrips new supply with no letup in sight. Despite the need for new apartments, acquisition and construction finance remains constrained in all but the best properties in the top markets.”

Connecting Your Community with Wi-Fi

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By Timothy Phillips – Aletho Wireless Solutions

As a property manager, you are a business, and tenants are your customers! Although the term isn’t commonly used, the meaning is true. Your job, of course, is to keep your customers happy so they don’t move out. You have other customers too, of course – the property owner – and although there is sometimes a push and pull between the needs of the two, the end goals are really aligned: happy tenants who stay!

Making the Case for Payment Reminders

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Five Ideas to Help Turn Late Payers into Gold

By: Nick Frantz

Every month, whether I have a balance or not, I get an email reminding me that my credit card payment is due in 10 days. I’ve never been late with a payment, so initially I wondered, “Why did they send this?” When I recognized that it was part of a proactive strategy to ensure on-time payment, I understood.

On a list of traits that make up the ideal tenant, “pays on time, every time” has to be right up there at the top. These tenants are gold.  But there will always be tenants who are habitually late payers.  And dealing with tenants who cross the line from late to delinquent can be costly and tough to resolve.

With an always-growing to-do list and staff stretched in all directions, how do you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to cultivating high-value, on-time payers?

The 411 on Resident Screening

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Provided by On-Site.com | written by Philip Christian

When it comes to selecting a resident screening service, there’s no shortage of choices. One way asset managers can whittle down their choices is to evaluate screening providers based on the quality of their search data. At a minimum, a national or multi-state criminal and landlord/tenant court record search provider should offer the following:

1) All-inclusive search coverage

2) I.D. reality checks

3) Built-in compliance

Property Managers are Information Managers too

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by Marc Courtenay

info overload
As with all of life’s responsibilities there are only so many hours a day in the lives of property managers and owners. Yet all of us are bombarded with email, text messages and loads of social media opportunities like Facebook and LinkedIn. Our clients and residents all want to communicate with us as well. The only way to effectively manage the information in your life is to begin by prioritizing what you should devote time to and what you should either delegate or delete. To manage information while you’re managing a business one has to begin by making critical decisions and sticking with them.

RepairClinic.com Names The Top Three Most Overlooked Appliance Dangers

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RepairCLinicRepairClinic.com, America’s most popular online store with replacement parts for appliances and outdoor power equipment, today shared a list of the top three most overlooked home appliance dangers and tips on how families can protect themselves.

“People often forget about dangers associated with major home appliances because they’re as much a part of daily life as a toothbrush,” said Chris Hall, president of RepairClinic. com and appliance repair expert. “It’s important to be aware of these dangers and to take proper care to reduce risks and stay safe.”

10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental Property

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By: Bill Bronchick

It’s easy to fix up your properties if you have unlimited cash.  However, you need to keep your repairs to a Related Information: “Flipping Properties Course” minimum to stay profitable. You also need to keep your properties in good shape to attract tenants or buyers. There are the basic improvements, such as carpet and paint, but these can still costs thousands of dollars. The following are some inexpensive ways to improve your properties with very little cash.