Virus Fighting Germ Zero Team rolled out by Mold Zero

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Virus Fighting Germ Zero Team rolled out by Mold Zero!!

By Robert Tweed (Rusty Tweed) CEO MoldZero

Five years ago, local Glendale resident Rusty Tweed started Mold Zero, a company focused on eliminating mold from people’s homes and businesses.    Since then Mold Zero has grown quickly into a multi-million dollar operation, doing business around Southern California and the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  

The reason for this exceptional growth is Mold Zero’s unique patented process that is used to eradicate fungus in any indoor environment.   The process involves 2 steps.   The first is a unique “dry fog” that is pumped into the building.   The fog particles are as small as 6 microns, which is unusually tiny and allows the small nano particles to permeate every nook and cranny of the room or space that is being treated.   This non-toxic, environmentally friendly “dry fog” immediately destroys any single cell micro-organisms it comes into contact with.   Mold or Fungus is very hard to kill, as it is a living growing organism that shuns light and therefore thrives in dark, damp, hard to get at places.    Mold Zero’s technique will seek out and envelope the mold and it’s spores and render it inert in even the tiniest, tucked away locations.